Keywords – An Essential Part of SEO

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A keyword for us is about finding a keyword that can in any way contribute to your business goals. If you do not think about search engine optimisation (SEO) 24h a day (as we do), then a keyword sums up what the text is about. A bit like an H1 title if you ask us. Why is it so important to find the right keywords? We’ll review this post and tell you how to find keywords that can generate traffic month by month and year after year.

SEO Keywords


The keyword that wins

What we focus on when looking for keywords we want to optimise is that the keywords should have a synergy between as many searches as possible, as relevant to the company’s goals as possible and as low organic competition as possible. Searches must be the word for the customer to get traffic. As simple as that.

The keywords must be relevant to the company and in some way linked to a business decision (eg assistance with the balcony, etc.). Otherwise, there is a risk that you get too wide and that you encounter too much noise in your traffic. There must also be proper competition on the keyword. An optimization is partly about pushing down another company and then it is incredibly important that there is a possibility for the specific company to do that. We often talk to find words with as low competition as possible.

Other great tools for finding keywords and search phrases

If you’ve purchased traffic through Google Adwords for a while while tracking traffic with conversions, you can also use these statistics to find great keywords. Although the regular hit list does not have the same behavior as Google Adwords, it’s stupid to shut up for this.

Another thing you can identify is what keywords your competitors get from organic traffic. Let’s say your competitor gets 10,000 visitors each month. Then we can identify which keywords generate that traffic.

If you want to do it yourself?

Searches / Month: A great way to start is to use the free Google Keyword Planner program . There you can get an estimate of the number of searches / month and also in specific countries if you wish.

Google keyword planner


Relevance to the company: Ask yourself what business goals you have and try to think one step further. Is it relevant for your company to be seen on the keyword “clothes”. It is very wide and can be difficult to succeed in the search phrase. However, “clothes online” may be closer to your business?

As low competition as possible: This can be harder to identify if you are to do the work yourself. There are several SEO tools out there that you can pay for as easily doing this job for you. However, there are some things that you can identify yourself.

What happens when you search? Does anyone buy / bid the keyword through Google Adwords. If it’s crowded with advertisers it usually means that it’s not super low competition. The second thing you can do is scan the search results and see who’s in there. If it’s PDF files and old content, it can be easier to succeed with their keywords.

If you need help finding your keywords / search phrases / keywords for your optimisation, we are at SEO Expert Melbourne at your fingertips. 

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