What is display advertising?

Display advertising briefly means that you will be able to view different content-based websites – with clickable ads of varying formats and sizes. Using smart targeting based on, for example, topics, interests, audience, or keywords, you also see that you only see sites that you find relevant to your audience. Flexible, smart and with huge potential for wide exposure.

When should I use Display Advertising?

Display advertising is useful for many purposes. In particular, if you want to strengthen your company’s brand awareness, display advertising can be effective in creating an awareness at the initial stage of the audience. When using Display Advertising, you turn to a target audience that is generally early in the purchase cycle – but most likely has an interest in what you offer. Display advertising is therefore extra powerful if you combine it with other advertising methods like search advertising or remarketing.

Display advertising

Why display advertising?

The recognition factor – having been exposed to a brand before, is often a decisive factor for a business. Display ads assist for example Often conversions in other channels, for example, by:

    1. 1. Being exposed to an ad on a display site
    2. 2. A few days later, the company will google when you are mature in your purchase decision – and conduct a purchase


Display advertising is therefore often an important initiator, which may not trigger a purchase immediately but the day thereafter or a month later. Capturing display ads from the media mix has almost exclusively reduced the overall number of conversions. Therefore, be careful about watching direct conversions from this channel without measuring other values such as engagement on the website, new subscribers for newsletters etc.

How do I get started?

There are unbelievably many display sites to be seen on. However, in order to be able to access them, it is good to connect to a display network. There you can choose and wrap among websites based on audience, specific topics, keywords, interests, and audiences. You can also handpick specific sites that you want to view.

Common display networks to connect to

Below are two common Display Networks that you can connect to.

– The Google Display Network Google Display Network

is the world’s largest advertising network that includes more than 2 million sites. These in turn reach more than 90% of all Internet users. Within the Google Display Network, you will find several different websites, portals, and blogs with different themes, but also have the opportunity to include YouTube video or banner advertising or Gmail Promoted Promotions. You can easily control the cost by choosing to pay per click or per impression.

– MatchAds

MatchAds is a display network of premium sites that includes many major digital news releases like Expressen, DN, DI, GP, GT, Private Business, etc. Here you have the opportunity to get attractive advertising sites – with full control of the cost.

What ad formats can I use?

Display Advertising allows you to use a variety of ad formats and sizes. You can, for example, Use everything from traditional text ads to pure image banners – to multimedia news or videos. In addition, in many cases, you can use combo ads – an ad format that combines text and image.


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