What is YouTube?

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and a video community that in September 2016 had over one billion users. On the portal, users can search, watch, engage in and upload different videos. The video clips uploaded are from amateur filmmakers to private individuals, ambassadors, companies and foundations.

Why should you use YouTube for business?

Marketing on YouTube is a great opportunity for you to reach your brand in a creative and cost-effective manner. Thanks to the channel’s large number of followers, you can get huge reach but also extremely target-oriented, as there are many opportunities for targeting. On YouTube, you also have the opportunity to show a more playful side of your business, but you can also keep it strictly professional by sharing your relevant audience information. For example, you can create an instructional movie or cleaned product movies. 

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Thanks to smart measurement, you can also track the effects of your YouTube presence with unique precision. In addition, it does not have to be difficult to get started.

The users on YouTube rarely seek perfection. This is reflected not least in the company’s slogan “Broadcast Yourself”. An idea, a YouTube channel, a simple camera and you’ve put your first and important presence. Do you want to promote it, YouTube offers every opportunity to publish real professional clips.

How can I use YouTube for Business?

YouTube marketing can take place in many different ways. You can create a channel on which you collect follower and publish all your videos. The video clips can then be categorized into different playlists. You can of course also share the clips in different social media or on your website. In addition, you can use so-called video advertising, which allows your clips to be played before, during or after related videos. This way you can reach your video to incredibly many – while fully controlling the cost.

If you are not really ready to start your own video channel, you will not end up with the possibilities here. You can, for example, Use banner ads of varying formats to display text, image, or animated ads in relevant video clips.


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