How to choose the right marketing channels

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Navigating in the digital jungle can be difficult. Choosing the right digital marketing channels is even more difficult. Therefore, in this article, I was going to tell you more about the different channels that exist, and how to proceed to choose the right channel for your particular business!

Start by defining your goals

When it comes to digital marketing , it is important to define clear goals. In other words, what you want to achieve with your efforts. Most often, key figures are set, so-called KPIs, in order to be able to measure if the efforts have been successful or not.

The most common goals include:

  • Increased range
  • Increased traffic
  • Increased commitment
  • Increased sales

Find out which channels are available

Once you have defined one or more clear goals, it is time to find out which marketing channels exist. It is also important to examine which channels are best suited to achieving your goals.

The most common digital channels include:

Search engines

There are a variety of search engines on the market. However, the most widely used and well-known is Google. A channel that is extremely effective no matter what or what goals you want to achieve.

To appear on Google , it is possible to work in a variety of ways. Among other things, you can work with old honest search engine optimisation (SEO) , local SEO (Google My Business) and search marketing (SEM) .

Assuming you do not get help from an SEO company , the two former methods are free, while the latter costs money. With search marketing you simply pay to get an ad to appear on different keywords.


Another giant when it comes to social media is Facebook. In order to market you on this platform, you can create a business page and share engaging content. Something that is completely free of charge.

However, you also have the opportunity to advertise on Facebook, which has increased in popularity in recent years. Especially since recent algorithm changes have been made that are disadvantageous for companies’ regular updates.


Another popular marketing channel is Instagram. Just like on Facebook, you have the opportunity to share engaging content that has the potential to drive both increased reach, commitment, traffic and sales.

You also have the opportunity to advertise on Instagram , which is both simple and effective. Not least if you want to reach a younger audience, but more about that later.


Snapchat has historically not been particularly popular from a marketing perspective. Much because it has been a messaging platform used to communicate with friends. However, this changed when a number of years ago, advertisements were introduced on the platform.

Advertising on Snapchat is best suited for those who want to see an increased reach and exposure of your brand.


Like Facebook and Instagram, you can be seen on Twitter by sharing engaging content and participating in hot discussions. You also have a chance to advertise on the platform.


By creating your own business page on LinkedIn, you can share posts, network with other businesses or potential customers, and advertise. However, be aware that advertising on this platform is usually very costly.


On the social network Youtube you have the opportunity to create your own channel where you can upload movie clips. If you do not want to spend the time and energy required to create these videos, you can instead create a Google Ads account and then devote yourself to Youtube advertising .

news sites 

In order to be seen on traditional news sites, you can either devote yourself to equally traditional PR work or also pay to be seen on so-called native ads. Perfect for increasing both range and sales.


If there are one or more popular blogs within your niche, it may be beneficial to appear on these. Something that can either be done via guest posts, display advertising or so-called influencer collaborations. Of course you can also do like us at SEO Expert Melbourne and run your own blog!


Last but not least, you can also be seen, or rather heard, on different podcasts. Something that is possible through advertising or own participation. If you have both time and energy, you can also create your own podcast.

Examine which channels appeal to your audience

After defining clear goals and examining the various marketing channels available, it’s time to find out where your target audience is. Something that can be done in a variety of ways.

To save you valuable time, I have described below which target groups prefer which channels:

Search engines

Search engines basically appeal to all target groups. Here it is primarily important to carry out a nuanced keyword analysis to find which keywords / keywords your particular target group is looking for.


According to statistics , over half of all ages use Facebook. However, the use is greatest among the 16-25 year olds. If you want to reach this target group, this is the right platform for you.


The same survey shows that Instagram is the fastest growing network and today it is almost two thirds that use the service. Use increases in all ages, but is still the most popular among the younger.


The message service Snapchat also appeals to an increasing number of users and of the respondents in the Aussies and the internet, 23% state that they use the service daily. Snapchat, however, has difficulty attracting older users and is most popular among the 12-15 year olds.


Just over 22% of Internet users usually Twitter. However, the use has fluctuated and is not as great as before. On this platform, young adults are the largest user group.


Growth on the social network LinkedIn this year has slowed down. The use is similar to the previous year at 30%. Most commonly with LinkedIn, it is among men in the middle of their career.


Unlike LinkedIn’s zero growth, the YouTube video platform has seen an increase. Overall, 87% of Internet users use the platform. However, everyone looks under Youtube for 25 years. Every day.


To select the right marketing channels, it is important to:

1. Define one or more clear goals 
2. Find out which channels are available and which ones are best suited to achieving your goals 
3. Examine which channels your audience prefers

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