YouTube advertising : 5 Quick Hacks

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YouTube is Google’s gold cliff that has taken the world by storm. YouTube was acquired by Google 2006 for a purchase price that amounted to $ 12 billion. The geniuses behind YouTube are founders Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim.

Youtube Advertising


The core of YouTube’s core is their well-known slogan that reads “Broadcast Yourself”.


Dear child has many names

Did you know that many people have very hard to know how to spell or write YouTube? Below are some examples of troubleshooting made in Sweden when you want to access YouTube.

  • youtobe
  • yout – (my favorite).
  • youtub
  • yutube
  • you tube
  • yutub
  • youtu
  • yotobe
  • youtue
  • yotube
  • yotob
  • youutbe
  • you tub
  • youtob
  • jutube
  • yuotube
  • youube
  • yoytube
  • yiutube
  • youtubw
  • youtbe
  • Utube
  • yuotub
  • youtb
  • youtueb
  • youty
  • TouTube
  • youyube
  • youtoube
  • yutbe
  • tyoutube
  • jutub
  • yourube
  • yooutube

Here are also the keywords in a list and the number of searches on the troubleshooter:

Youtube searches


The list is long and there are many lovely combinations. It also talks about how important it is to work with a company name that is easy to pronounce or / write. We are sitting in the same boat with our company name Adsight.

A dialogue can be as follows:

– Yes, SEO Expert.
– Our name is “SEO Expert Melbourne”. It stands for Expert Digital marketing. A bit like Insight stuck for advertising then.

The point is that everyone is not looking for the same way, and it is about catching up those looking for your brand, company or product. It does not matter if it’s a misspelling or not.

Advertising on YouTube

Yes, it’s actually possible to do that. For those who are not so familiar with the advertising world, advertising on YouTube has exploded and is an important part of  digital marketing . Many companies have switched their TV campaigns to digital video advertising campaigns on YouTube. There are several ad formats and you can find that list below. Our favourite is “jumpable video ads”.

  • Display ads
  • Over punching Advertisements
  • Hippo video ads
  • Bumperannonser
  • Sponsored Cards

Our video


Read more about the ad formation on Google’s page about “Yourube”, “Yooutube”, “Yube” … No, just that. YouTube website .

The ad format we like

The reason why our favorite is skippable ads is because the payment model assumes that you have to watch a video for at least 30 seconds or if you interact with the ad in some way. The cost of a “true-view” (as Google calls it) amounts to a relatively low cost.

Today we handle multiple campaigns on YouTube and our customers are at a Truview cost of about $ 0.30 to $ 0.60. We think it’s a very low cost to reach out with a video message for 30 seconds.

The buying process online

When you advertise on YouTube, you should consider the purchase process. We usually divide the process into three different parts:

  1. Awareness – How does your company find more customers?
  2. Consideration – What makes your business unique. Why should I choose you?
  3. Buy – How does your company get your customers to trade.

I would say that YouTube appears during the first and second stages of the buying process. The channel creates awareness and it helps you communicate what your business is unique and good at.

The final step in the buying process is the purchase itself. We recommend that you read more about our search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google Adwords (SEM) services   closest to a purchase.

A favourite movie that unfortunately we have not been with and created is this from Volvo: 


How many minutes of videos do it upload every day?

YouTube is gigantic. Every second, 72min video is uploaded.

What was the first video uploaded?

It was titled “Me at Zoo”.

Which video has the most views?

The giant with over 2.8 billion views is PSY and Gangnam Style.

Need help with the advertising?

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