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SEO Help

5 signs that you need help with search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is for many a fuzzy and incomprehensible area. At the same time, many who download a plugin to their website, change meta…
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Create Google listing

Create Google Business listing in 2 minutes – 4 simple steps

What is Google Places / Google Business listing? Google Business originally called Google Local Business Center, but they renamed to simplify it. Basically, Google…
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Common SEO Mistakes

6 MOST Common Mistakes in SEO search engine optimisation

This is an old video published by Google. In the video, does Google's expert Matt Cutts answer the question about what the 5 most…
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Start a Free Blog

Create a blog free – Best free blogs

Create a Free Blog Start blog free? Congratulations, it's both easy, fun and developing to have a blog, and today it's easy to…
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Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis Easy Step by Step Guide

In order to succeed in search engine optimisation (SEO) , you must actively work to create and publish content on your site. But how can you…
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Cheap SEO

Avoid cheap SEO search engine optimisation – I mean Cheap Quality

Cheap things are lovely and free is good, but always true? In this post, we review why you should avoid cheap search engine optimisation…
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blog post checklist

16 things to do with a blog post – before and after you press “publish”

We all know that it's not a game to write blog posts of excellent quality. And in addition to that, we are all…
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SEO Keywords

Keywords – An Essential Part of SEO

A keyword for us is about finding a keyword that can in any way contribute to your business goals. If you do not think…
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Wordpress Guide

Best WordPress guide : Ultimate WordPress web design Guide for beginners

If you already manage a site or plan to build one, you probably have heard of the WordPress publishing tool. Perhaps you have a hard time…
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webpage website homepage

The terms webpage, website and Homepage

Dear child has many names. It's not easy to keep an eye on everything when it comes to digital, especially when it comes to…
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