Content has come to be one of the most important methods for creating a digital presence and attracting new customers. 

Therefore, in this article I was going to tell you more about how you can get started and work with content marketing.

The importance of a digital presence

In recent years, “retail death” has become a familiar expression. However, whether it is true or not, you will form your own opinion about it. 

One thing, on the other hand, is secure – the companies that want to keep up with the digitalisation’s footsteps, create new business and maintain their competitiveness in the market must create a digital presence .

A statement that is also supported by the statistics below:

  • More than 5 million Aussies check Facebook daily.
  • On Google alone, over 55 million searches are made every day.
  • 90% of young people aged 12-15 years watch Youtube daily.
  • The average Australian spends more than an hour a day on social media.
  • In principle, all individuals aged 12-65 use the internet.

If these numbers do not make you realise how important it is to be seen online, I do not know what it does.

How does content come in the picture?

To create a good online presence, a clear digital strategy is required . A strategy that can include a variety of approaches. Everything from search engine optimisation (SEO) to content marketing .

Personally, however, I believe that both of these methods need each other. It is therefore not possible to work with SEO if you do not work with content. In the same way, it is not possible to work with content if you are not working with SEO. Does it seem complicated? Let me explain.

To appear on Google and succeed in getting good positions in the SERP, there are thousands of different ranking factors to take into account. You will find some of them in our SEO guide . However, two of the foremost are content and links.

This is also something that we at SEO Expert Melbourne noticed. Hence, content is one of the main methods we use to position ourselves well in different search engines . By continuously publishing content in our knowledge bank , during the previous year we have succeeded in increasing our organic traffic by just over 200%, which has also resulted in countless new business.

In addition, we have also managed to pinpoint a first position on the keyword “SEO”, which is undoubtedly the most competitive word in our industry. Only this site has generated thousands of new visitors to our site during the past year.

In summary, therefore, content is an important part of search engine optimisation . It is, however, also an essential part to succeed in other marketing channels . Therefore, let us look more closely at the basics of content marketing.

The basics of content marketing

Basically, content marketing – also known as content marketing – is about creating engaging and high quality content that is of benefit to the customers. As customers become more demanding and more conscious, this is something that is becoming increasingly important.

Spending a few thousand dollars on display advertising is no longer enough and hoping for the best. Today’s consumers demand more. They demand that you give them some kind of added value.

It is precisely this that content marketing is all about. To create engaging content that is relevant and value-added for your target audience. How this happens, however, depends on your strategy and target group. Content may include:

  • A blog
  • A newspaper
  • A video
  • A market research
  • An infographic
  • A podcast
  • A newsletter

Get started with content marketing

Once you have decided to invest in content marketing, only the most important thing is – the execution. Below, I thought about how to get started with content marketing step-by-step:

1. Start by creating a content strategy – In order to know what type of content is to be created and published, it is first to design a content strategy . A good first step is to think about which target group you want to attract. Is it:

  • New parents?
  • Sports interested men over 30 years old?
  • Youngsters interested in Battle Royale games?
  • Fashion interested girls between the ages of 15 and 20?
  • Environmental conscious women in their 40s?

Depending on this, it is easier to know what type of material is involved and which language should be used. However, in order for the content to have the desired impact, it must be linked to a specific keyword  . At least if you want to appear on Google.

To know which keywords you should bet on, you need to perform a keyword analysis. You can read more about how to do this in our earlier article ” How to perform a keyword analysis “. Read more about the importance of SEO Analysis here.

2. Plan production and publishing – Once you know what type of content should be created, it is only a matter of deciding who should handle the production of this, when it should happen and where it should be published.

One tip is to assign responsibility to an individual. An individual who has the time and knowledge that the assignment requires. The work on content marketing must be done continuously. It is not possible to publish a blog entry in the quarter and believe that it will give the desired effect.  

PS! In an article at Fö I have previously told you how you can let your customers manage your content marketing .


The companies that want to keep up with the digitalisation’s footsteps, create new business and maintain their competitiveness in the market must create a digital presence. An important piece of the puzzle to achieve this goal is the content marketing work.


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